E. 9th Street

E. 9th Street Enhancements: 1st Avenue to Quarry Road

This project will enhance the E. 9th Street corridor with the addition of landscaped center medians, new north-south crosswalks, curb bump outs to establish parallel parking areas, completion of the brick paver streetscape along the south side of E. 9th Street, and conversion of the E. 9th Street & E. 2nd Avenue intersection into a four-leg roundabout.

The project will be completed in two phases.

Phase 1: Mid October-November 22, 2019

Construction on this stretch of E. 9th Street includes
  • Two raised center medians west of E. 2nd Avenue. The two medians will create a dedicated eastbound left turn lane onto Ponseti Way.
  • Southerly halves of two north-south crosswalks.
  • Curb bump outs and select brick paver replacement along the south side of E. 9th Street, east of E. 2nd Avenue, to better define the parallel parking stalls.
  • New driveway just west of the current driveway used by both the Johnson County Historical Society and the Antique Car Museum of Iowa. The driveway will extend along the east side of Xtream Arena. The museum parking lot will connect to this driveway when it is complete.

Center median detail of E. 9th St. between Ponseti Way and E. 2nd Avenue

E 9th St center median detail

Update: E. 7th Street Reopens

E. 7th Street between 1st Avenue and Quarry Road is open

Please note on the E. 7th Street roundabout:
  • As with any roundabout, drivers must yield to their LEFT before entering a roundabout.  
  • Watch for construction traffic passing through this roundabout with material and equipment heading to and from the Arena project.
  E 7th St with Construction Traffic Only north and south of E. 2nd Ave

Phase I: Current & Upcoming Work*

Progress October 25-November 1, 2019:
  • Finished pouring new concrete curb and gutter for the center median across the UIHC IRL frontage. Set forms for the 1-foot wide concrete band that will run along the back of curb to provide a buffer between the curb and the median plantings.  
  • Completed removals for the westerly center median near 1st Avenue. Forms for the curb and gutter were set late Wednesday afternoon and then the media was covered with blankets before the snow started Wednesday night.  To make up for lost time, the contractor poured concrete on Friday and westbound E. 9th St was reduced to one lane.
  • Completed removals at the Drury access drive and set forms. They expected to pour concrete here before the end of Friday.  
Progress expected November 1-8, weather permitting:
  • Complete the 1-foot wide concrete bands within the two center medians.  All work at the westerly median is expected to be complete on Wednesday.
  • Complete the Drury access drive. Opening date for this drive will be re-assessed.
  • Complete concrete pours for curb bump-outs near the east end of E. 9th Street. 
Looking ahead:
  • This initial phase of E. 9th Street has a completion date of November 22, 2019.  On or before November 23, 2019, all lanes on E. 9th Street will re-open to traffic until the next phase begins on April 1, 2020. The overall project completion date is July 22, 2020. 
*Updated November 1, 2019

Phase 1: Traffic Control

Some delays anticipated during peak traffic times
  • E. 9th Street traffic is reduced to one lane in each direction with no on-street parking.
  • Traffic runs head-to-head on the north half of E. 9th Street between Ponseti Way and Quarry Road. 
  • A short eastbound left turn lane is at Ponseti Way. 
  • There is a second westbound lane from 1st Avenue back to Ponseti Way to separate the westbound right and thru/left turn lanes
  • A STOP sign on westbound E. 9th Street at Ponseti Way minimizes the possibility of eastbound traffic backing up into 1st Avenue.
  • The 1st Avenue & E. 9th Street traffic signal runs with separate eastbound (Kum & Go side) and westbound (Iowa River Landing side) movements. This allows westbound drivers exiting the Iowa River Landing to have a free-flow left turn onto southbound 1st Avenue.
  • Extra green light time was given to the westbound E. 9th Street movement exiting the Iowa River Landing. This is monitored to avoid 1st Avenue backups into the I-80 ramps.
  • E. 7th Street re-opened between 1st Avenue and Quarry Road on October 24. It is the first time E. 7th Street has been fully open since June 2017. The E. 7th Street connection was expected to be available before starting the E. 9th Street project, but the wet September and early October stalled progress.  

The Engineering, Streets, and Police Departments monitor traffic in the afternoon and early evening. 

Winter Shutdown

From November 23, 2019, until April 1, 2020, all lanes on E. 9th Street are scheduled to be open.

Phase 2: April 1, 2020, to July 22, 2020

Work includes
  • Two raised center medians east of E. 2nd Avenue.
  • Remainder of north-south crosswalks.
  • Curb bump outs and select brick paver replacement along the north side of E. 9th Street, east of E. 2nd Avenue, to better define the parallel parking stalls.
  • Pedestrian streetscape (brick pavers, street trees, etc.) along entire south side of E. 9th Street to mirror the existing north side streetscape.
  • Roundabout at E. 9th Street & E. 2nd Avenue.
Traffic control during Phase 2
  • E. 9th Street will be reduced to one lane in each direction between Ponseti Way and Quarry Road with NO on-street parking east of E. 2nd Avenue until early July.

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