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The City of Coralville provides an overview of City-related construction projects. All project information is subject to change, and project dates are weather-permitting. 


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Overview of All Projects
The City of Coralville provides a status report approximately every two months of City-related construction projects.  This information includes project descriptions, anticipated start and completion dates, progress, staff contacts, contractors, and more.  All project information is subject to change.  

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Recently Completed Projects
  1. 5th St.
  2. Coral Ridge Ave.
  3. 12th Ave./Holiday Rd. Roundabout
5th Street Improvements & Flood Protection
Reimagine 5th: Rethink. Reconstruct. Renew. 5th Street underwent numerous enhancements between 1st Avenue and 10th Avenue.

5th Street was part of the original U.S. Route 6 and has been an arterial street throughout the development of our community. Recent redevelopment on 5th Street, planned street reconstruction and improvements, and flood mitigation projects—combined with a community-friendly and walkable corridor with trail connections, transit access, historic attractions, and public spaces—bring the project full circle.

  • Reconstruct and elevate 5th Street over Biscuit Creek, from 3rd to 4th Avenues, as a final flood protection measure in the neighborhood
  • Reconstruct 5th Street from 6th to 9th Avenues
  • New sidewalks, streetscape improvements, lighting, landscaping, and stormwater planters from 1st to 9th Avenues
  • New paving and relocation of overhead private utilities to underground from 1st to 10th Avenues  
Status Reopened late 2015
  • Estimated cost (5th Street Improvements): $1,153,500
  • Estimated cost (5th Street Reconstruction over Biscuit Creek): $1,650,000 
  • Design Consultant (5th Street Reconstruction over Biscuit Creek): Howard R. Green Co.
Additional Information
Projects Contacts
  • Scott Larson, Assistant City Engineer (5th Street Improvements), Email
  • Dan Holderness, City Engineer (5th Street Reconstruction over Biscuit Creek), Email
  • Ph: 319.248.1700